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Our Top 10 Tips on How to Train Your Dog

how to train a dogExcept the cat people, everyone will agree to the fact that dog is man’s best friend. Wonder if the dogs think the same? Many proud owners of the dogs just don’t treat their pets the way they should. Here are ten training tips that will help you discipline your dog and resolve everyday problems. Arm yourself with a lot of patience and don’t expect instant “dog whisperer” miracles. Learning how to communicate with your dog will help build better and stronger relationship with your pet. And if you are a single guy, your dog can help you get some girls.

  1. All successful training techniques are based on three basic principles: consistence, patience, and persistence. Those three are the most important rules you should always have in mind.
  2. Dogs inherited many instincts from their ancestors – wolves, so it’s in their nature to be in a pack, meaning that you have to be an Alpha Dog. Let your dog lick the back of your hand and acknowledge you as a pack leader. Your dog needs to know its place and role. You, as a pack leader, are responsible for stability, harmony, and providing food.
  3. Crucial things in training sessions are praise and reward. It would be foolish trying to explain your dog the rights and wrongs of the process. Dog must associate command with action it performs. Praise and reward must come immediately upon completing the desired action. Timing is very important.
  4. Training sessions shouldn’t be long, so that the dog isn’t bored. Things that you’re trying to teach your dog should be repeated session after session on a daily basis. Sometimes change the routine so that your dog doesn’t learn to follow the routine instead of commands.
  5. Socializing and exposing your dog to many new situations is an important element of training. Dog should learn how to interact with strangers as soon as possible. It will be much easier if you start this process when the puppy is young.
  6. Punishment should never include physical abuse. Dog should respect you, not fear you. The effective punishment is that you completely ignore the dog by turning your back and pay no attention.
  7. Always finish training on a positive note. Never finish with a failure. Dog should remember all the fun from the session so it could happily do the repetition the next day.
  8. Be sure to correct all dog’s mistakes during the training, later is too late. Correct the bad behavior from the start even if it’s cute.
  9. Improve your Alpha Dog status by teaching your dog to come when called. Use positive reinforcement when behaving well. Teach your dog to come when it’s busy doing something else. Practice makes perfect, right?
  10. dogsFinally we get to the freedom. Don’t let your dog roam around the house too. That could lead to many mischiefs like chewing on furniture. Shut the doors and use crates to minimize dog’s area. At the end of the day let your dog sleep in the same room as you but, of course, not in your bed.