Find Out How Police K-9 Dogs are Trained

How Police K-9 Dogs are Trained?

For thousands of years dogs and humans live in together. One of the smartest things humans did after the invention of the wheel is domestication of the dogs. Side by side, dogs and people made it through many centuries, wars, even space programs. Furthermore, in addition to being the most beloved pets, helpers around the farm, family guards, and leaders for the blind, dogs can be more than useful in police and other law enforcement units. The police dog, also known as K-9 (homophone of canine, a play on words), in most major cities is used for the things that human police officers can’t do. Police forces use K-9 to track criminals, sniff out drugs, explosive and other illegal materials, to find missing people or objects and many more. Intentional killing or injuring K-9 is considered felony in many countries. Today, a full police funeral is given to the police dog killed in the line of duty. A growing number of police units outfit their dogs with police badges and bullet proof vests.

Find Out How Police K-9 Dogs are Trained

All police dogs have to complete basic obedience training. K-9 Police dogs must obey the commands of their handlers without hesitation. Besides the obedience training, police dogs must go through the agility training, protection training, scent detection training and endurance training. They have to be prepared to jump over the obstacles such as walls and to climb the stairs. Police dogs must learn how to act and remain calm around people in daily life. So, dog socialization is very important thing. The dog that is tense and jumpy when among other people can’t become a good police dog.

Most of the k-9 police dogs are trained to enjoy their work. They comprehend trainings as a game. When it comes to practicing how to chase a suspect, they are trained to grab and hold on at all costs. They hold suspect very tightly until the handler gives command to let go. They are trained to wait for the verbal warning first and attack only if the suspect doesn’t halt immediately. Some police units prefer a bark tactic. Police dog barks to intimidate suspect and alert his handler to his whereabouts. The dog barks till a police squad arrives. Only in case of a suspect trying to run, the dog grabs and holds the fleeing suspect.

Drug training contains a trick with a white towel. The handler rolls up a bag of marijuana inside the towel and removes it short after. Then the dog is playing with the towel so that he can recognize the smell of marijuana. After a while, the handler hides the towel in various places stimulating the dog to look his favorite toy up. The dogs aren’t addictive, they won’t swallow any drugs, they just want to play with their toys. The same method is used for bomb and explosive detection or to locate other illegal materials. A dog’s sense of smell is very powerful, it is almost 50 times more sensitive than human’s.

The most popular breeds in police dog units are German Shepherd, Belgian Malinois, Doberman Pinscher, Rottweiler, Argentine Dogo and Labrador Retriever.  


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Fat Dogs On Fitness

New surveys show that obesity rates in the United States are climbing to epidemic heights. It is less known that their dogs are getting fat, too. According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, more than a half of adult dog population is obese. You don’t have to be a veterinarian to find out if your dog is obese or not, just lay your hands on it and if you cannot feel the ribs easily then your dog has an obesity problem.

Well, America has come up with a nifty solution to this problem.  In fact – multiple solutions, ranging from dog-tailored treadmills, to puppy pedometers and even group fitness classes, such as dog yoga or puppy Pilates, there are plenty of tools to shape and tone the potbellies of pooches.

fat dogs fitness

Most of the dog trainers agree that a dog needs at least 30 minutes of exercise a day. The less active it is – the more health problems it’ll have. To tackle the weighty issue, the creation of the America’s first pet obesity clinic was announced in September by Tufts University’s Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine in North Grafton, Massachusetts.

A weary dog is a happy dog, claims a dog trainer with more than 30 years of experience. If your dog’s needs go unfulfilled or it gets bored, it might start chewing you slippers or couch. Apparently, besides the poor physical condition, the dogs who don’t exercise enough often develop behavioral problems.

But the commodity of your dog using the canine cardio machine (dog treadmill) comes with a price. Canine treadmills sell for $500 and come in regular and mini sizes. So unless you are a senior who has health issues which prevent you from walking your pet, I suggest you to get out and give your dog an old traditional workout..