10 Dog Facts

10 Interesting Facts About Dogs

Here are the 10 Interesting Facts About Dogs

This friendship between dogs and men lasts for more than 15,000 years or from the moment the dogs were first domesticated by cavemen in the Paleolithic Age. Today, humans live side by side with more than 700 types of pure bred dogs in the world. According to statistics, estimated number of canines in the world is around 400 millions. Here are some interesting facts about dogs that most of the owners should know.

1. Dogs descend from wolves. Approximately 15,000 years ago dogs diverged from their ancestors – wolves. In the year 1993 dogs were classified as a subspecies of the grey wolf (Canis Lupus).

2. Dogs have amazingly good sense of smell. While humans have around 5 million smell-sensitive cells, dogs have 40 times more, nearly 220 million. With powerful sense of smell, dogs can determine odors at concentration level that is 100 times lower than any man can sense. That’s why many dogs are used for finding missing persons or illegal materials such as drugs, bombs and explosive. Studies show that some dogs can even smell our diseases. Four legged buddy can be the first to notice thet you have cancer, epilepsy or diabetes.

3. Dogs have an incredibly good hearing. Once again, dogs are far better than humans in detecting sounds. Dog’s ear can catch frequency range from 40 Hz up to 60,000 Hz. Their amazing hearing capacity is helped by head muscles which can detect exact position of the source of the sound. That’s why some dogs have ears like rabbit and they use them as radar. Also, dogs can hear ultrasonic sounds.

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Dogs – A Look at Why They Truly Are Man’s Best Friend

Dogs and humans have been inseparable for many thousands of years. Wherever you find humans in the world, you’ll almost certainly find dogs accompanying them. These amazing creatures proved to be smarter than we have ever imagined. Astonishing new researches reveal that dogs are more than just tamed wild animals. Their ability to read our emotions so effectively is what makes our relationship special. Some even claim that dogs possess a special kind of social intelligence which allows them to get along with people in the way that is unique in the whole animal kingdom.

Mans Best FriendEvery dog person will tell you that dogs feel humans’ emotions like anger, happiness, despair, fear, and so on. Dogs were once fearsome predators, but today they are the most loving pets. Right now, there are almost half a billion dogs and we treat them as members of a family, almost as human beings. We share our lives, our homes, even our beds with dogs. Many a dog owner would agree that his pet is not just part of the family, it is family.

According to a research published in the Animal Cognition journal, canines are responsive to human emotions more than any other species, including humans. Asking for no reward, dogs will approach strangers in distress trying to comfort them by nuzzling and licking. That specific dog’s behavior was tested in the experiment that included 18 pet dogs. Those dogs were faced with two unfamiliar persons – one who was pretending to cry and the other who was talking casually. All of the 18 dogs responded to the person who was pretending to cry and offered comfort.

Loyalty to their owners is common for all dogs, but one breed stands out. Akita is a large fluffy dog originating in the northern Japan. Unbelievable and sad life story made an Akita a legend among dog breeds. An Akita named Hachiko followed his owner to the train station every day. His owner was a professor in another town. At exactly 4 p.m. Hachiko would arrive at the train station to meet his owner. Some years later, the professor died from stroke at work, but loyal Hachiko waited at the train station every single day for the next ten years until he passed away. Statue of Hachiko in bronze at Shibuya train station in Japan reminds us why dogs truly are man’s best friend.

Unlike humans, dogs have no tendency to criticize, to be racists, to stab in the back, to murder or have prejudice. Without any question dog will accept the owner no matter if he is poor, blind, crippled, old or young. Dogs give everything and ask very little in return – food, water and place to sleep. If you take good and proper care of your dog and you treat him with love, be sure that love will be returned. You will mean the whole world to your dog and your dog will mean everything to you.


Tips to Make Caring for Your Dog a Breeze

The dogs provide their owners with the unconditional love, loyalty and pleasure. However, they don’t ask much in return. After the adjustment period which takes up to two weeks, caring for your dog should become a routine. In exchange for a lifetime friendship, you have to provide shelter, water, food, veterinary care and exercise to your canine companion.

Get your dog as many dog supplies as he needs. Since your dog needs less accompanying items than you, don’t be stingy when it comes to dog accessories.

One of the most vital things your puppy needs is proper feeding. Most of the dogs are ravenous and they will eat everything you give them. Act wisely and do a research about what dog food will bring the best to his health and energy. Always pick a top quality food made of pure ingredients including vitamins, minerals and protein.

dog care

Dogs don’t care about getting messy which makes you responsible for their bathing and cleaning. Try to make bath time gentle and pleasant, so both the dog and you can enjoy. Always use shampoos specially designed for dogs.  Besides the simple bathing, the dog’s eyes, ears, teeth, nails also need care. Regular cleaning of your dog’s ears will help prevent mites and ear infections. During the process of cleaning you should gently massage the base of the ear for about half a minute. Treat your dog well afterward. Long nails can be painful to your dog, so you should consult a vet for trimming tips.

Be sure that the collar is always around your dog’s neck. A name tag containing the dog’s and the owner’s name, and home address should be attached to the collar. Think how desperate both of you would be if your dog got lost.

Many veterinaries agree that flea collars can be dangerous for your four legged buddy. More effective protection from the boring fleas is topical application of treatments such as Frontline, Advantage, Revolution, etc.

Regular visits to veterinary clinic are necessary. Good idea is to implant a microchip in your dog because this way you can be sure that he will be returned to you even if he loses his collar.

On hot summer days don’t force your dog to run or exercise. Instead, provide him with a shelter in the coolest place of your yard. Large amounts of fresh drinking water are of the utmost importance in order to avoid accidents such as a heart stroke.

Spaying or neutering your dog will help him live longer and healthier life. Those procedures also influence dog’s behavior in the way that he becomes less aggressive.

Don’t let your dog eat much of human food because it may cause obesity, hyperactivity or intestinal problems.

If you’re planning to go for a long trip with your dog, don’t forget to bring his blanket. Favorite blanket with familiar scent will keep him relaxed and comfortable.

Spend some quality time cuddling and hugging with your pooch so that he feels loved and cherished. You won’t regret it because the dogs know how to return the favor..

The 10 Coolest Dog Accessories You Should Have

Having a dog is a great privilege. Owning a dog, no matter if it’s big or small, is a great responsibility. Dog is a living creature in a constant need for care and attention. Dog is not a toy to play around only when you don’t have anything else to do. He shows love and affection to the owners constantly, so you should do the same. From time to time treat your dog to something nifty and different from what you do or buy on regular basis. Obtaining some fancy accessories for your dog can be a nice experience. Surprise your dog on his birthday or Christmas Eve with some super cool items. Here is list of the ten coolest dog accessories you should have.

fancy dog accessories

1. Dog Leash. We all know that this item brings a dog pure happiness. The moment when he sees a leash is priceless for it’s a sign he’s going out. Today, there are many types of dog leashes. Leather leash is skin friendly and can be very stylish. Nylon, on the other hand, is not so skin friendly, but it will last longer if your dog is often around water.

2. A Fashionable Scarf. Your dog will look cuter than usual with a scarf. For about $20 you can buy a stylish scarf which will protect your dog from the cold weather.

3. Backpack. Equip your pup with leather backpack for the first day in school. You can personalize dog’s backpack by engraving his initials on it. Let your dog carry his stuff on long country walks.

4. Groom tool. If you want to avoid painful pulling and snagging, you should get one of these. It removes loose hair from the dog before it’s shed around the room.

5. Dog Collars. These items come in a variety of styles. Bow tie collar can be perfect choice for the red carpet.

6. Water Bowls. If your dog likes chewing edges of the bowl, you should get the one made from the stainless steel which is more durable than the plastic one. You should be careful with ceramic bowls – they look very nice, but are easily broken.

7. Dog Houses. There are several things to keep in mind when it comes to the dog house. You should place the dog house in the coolest part of the yard. Also, the houses with air condition are good idea for hot climate and heated dog houses for cold.

8. Dog Beds. Every house has a bed. Even a dog house should have one. Make sure that the bed is comfortable enough to your dog, easy to wash, durable and of appropriate size. For extra comfort you can buy bed with cushioned sides.

9. Dog Toys. Buying cool dog toys will keep your four-legged buddy away from playing with your shoes and slippers. Many toys will provide physical and mental stimulation to your dog.

10. Dog coats. Perfect choice for chilly morning hikes. Fun, yet stylish way to keep your pooch warm. Great Christmas gift for your pet..