Chihuahua Owned By Paris Hilton: Celebrity Pet of the Week

Paris Hilton with her dog in the couchThe most favorite pet of Paris Hilton – Chihuahua Tinkerbell, who has already been named the most popular and most discussed animal in America. This pup is going with Paris everywhere: to the TV shows, interviews and filming. Paris is dressing her favorite pet in a fabulous clothes – not at all worse than she would dress herself. Tinkerbell’s costumes are always in harmony with the dresses of Paris, and they do not cost less. For example, at Christmas this cute little pup was dressed in a red velvet Santa’s suit and he was looking just great beside the Christmas trees and Paris herself.

The tiny dog disappeared during an apparent dog-napping way back in 2004. Tinkerbell was returned to Hilton, but little explanation was offered for how it all happened. Posters pleading for the return of Tinkerbell had been plastered all over West Hollywood shortly after Hilton’s home was burglarized. Paris already has a Yorkie named Cinderella, another Chihuahua named Tinkerbell, and she used to have a kinkajou named Baby Luv which she was forced to give up. I just think it’s funny she picked out a dog with the same wonky eye as her. Although it’s too bad she didn’t get one with the same IQ. I’ve always wanted to see a dog walk around in circles, fall down confused, and then try to eat its own feet.

Everyone seems to be looking for information on Chihuahuas these days. The search term “Chihuahua” is the number one dog search on the Internet. Paris Hilton is always in the top 10 for celebrity searches. Paris owns a Teacup Chihuahua named “Tinkerbell”. This pet is almost becoming as famous as the owner.


How Your Dog’s Diet Affects its Lifespan

How Your Dog’s Diet Affects its LifespanAlmost every dog owner doesn’t think of dogs as just pets but family members. Therefore, it is normal to provide best possible food you can afford for the members of your family. Just like people, dogs are what they eat, so dog’s poor nutrition can, in some cases, dramatically affect the lifespan of your four legged friend. Also keep in mind that even if your dog is slightly overweight it can reduce its lifespan.

What exactly is the best food for your dog is never an easy question. But, there are several things you should know when it comes to dog nutrition.

First thing you should understand is that you should always read the ingredients on the back of the dog’s food; that way you will get the picture if the food is good for your dog or if it’s just junk. Basic guidelines in choosing proper food would be checking the proteins – is it lamb, beef, turkey or chicken meal or by-product.

By-product means that the manufacturer is using any part of the chicken while in case of a chicken meal they are using only meat from the chicken to make the food. The other important thing you should check for is grain source. Certain dog foods contain corn as the others have rice or oatmeal. The best choice for your dog are grains which can be digested easily, so keep in mind that one of the hardest grains to digest is corn, while rice is much easier to process.

Note that some grains may contain pesticides which can cause odorous fur, fleas, mites, worms or other parasites. Also choose foods that have natural preservatives such as with vitamin E and not chemicals. If you follow these guidelines you will notice the level of improvement in your dog, its coat will be shinier, the energy level will be higher and the dog’s stool will be better as well.

Some of the generic dog’s foods may contain carcinogenic substance like BHT that is used to preserve food or higher doses of salt which can cause loss of kidney function. Equally bad is sugar since it can lead to tooth decay, bad breath and even diabetes.

Probably the best way to feed your dog is proper raw diet. This will consume a bit more of your time, but you will know exactly what your dog is introducing to its body. There are no preservation chemicals in raw meat and bones. The best way to organize your dog’s raw diet is to find a reliable butcher and make a deal with him to get scraps for a good price, which will result in healthier dog with a regular, dry stool and healthy teeth.

One of the most common mistakes dog owners make is overfeeding their dogs, studies have shown that reduction of calories in dog’s nutrition can extend the lifespan of your dog for about two years. Essentially what you need to do is find the food that your dog will eat, since they, as people, can be intolerant to certain things..

facts about cats

10 Interesting Facts About Cats

What are the 10 Interesting Facts About Cats?

10 Interesting Facts about catsEvery ailurophile – person who likes cats, a cat fancier – enjoys every moment spent in company of these surprising and cute creatures. Having a cat as your beloved pet can be rewarding, but cats can be unforeseeable, so it is very important to educate yourself about the habits and nature of your cat. Here are some interesting facts you probably don’t know about one of, if not the most, popular pet in the world.

1. Which pet is more popular – cat or dog? According to the APPMA (American Pet Products Manufacturers Association) there are over 73 million cats living in the U.S. homes, while the number of dogs reaches 68 million. This interesting information shows that cats won not by a hair’s breadth – but 5 million hairs.

2. We all know the fact about cat’s skillfulness and their ability to always land on their feet, daring to spit into the face of the natural laws of physics. A research undertaken by the American Medical Veterinary Association showed incredible facts. A survival rate of the cats falling from heights ranging from 2 to 32 stories is 90%, which is unbelievable. Even more interesting is that cats falling from 20 or 30-story building will suffer fewer injuries than those falling from the lower heights.

3. Cats sleep two thirds of the day – lazy maggots! Basic mathematics shows that 12 years old cat spent 8 years sleeping. Almost every cat has a special napping place. Cats can sleep up to 16 hours a day. As a matter of fact, only bats and opossums are greater sleepers.
4. Amusing fact about meowing is that only little kitten meows at its mother, while adult cat only meows at humans. You’ll never hear it meowing at other cats or animals. Meowing is a privilege reserved exclusively for humans.

5. One of the many reasons for having cats is a fact that cat owners are less likely to have a heart attack than other people. Also, kids have fewer chances of developing asthma when cat is around.

6. Don’t be surprised or disgusted if your cat brings dead pray to your house. Scientists agree that this cat’s gesture is their basic instinct to bring food for kittens. If you see a dead bird or mouse in your home, consider it a gift.

7. Many studies confirmed that cats have emotions similar to human such as happiness, sadness, frustration, jealousy, excitement, anxiety, affection, fear and contentment. Cats are even capable to pick up your mood.

8. In a period of just seven years a pair of breeding cats, along with their kittens, can produce more than 400,000 offspring. They are true baby machines!

9. Cat bites can be dangerous and toxic. Estimated number of people bitten by these animals in the United States is 40,000 every year. A wound from a cat bite can cause major bacterial infection.

10. Cats can be trained to use the toilet and even to flush when they are finished. That is good news for cat owners who find it hard to get rid of cat litter..

The Current Must Have Dog Accessories

What Are The Current “Must Have” Dog Accessories?

There’s no doubt that we all love our pups and every dog owner is pretty proud of his four legged pet. But, is there a way to make a cute doge cuter? The answer is definitely positive. Things that can make your bowwow even more adorable are dog accessories. There are plenty of cool accessories that can upscale your dog’s style. Keep in mind that accouterments can make your dog look cuter, but don’t exaggerate with them so you wouldn’t end up with a dog looking like a Christmas tree. Every loving pet dog deserves a gift from time to time, besides the basics such as food, water and shelter. Great gift for your puppy can be some of the following accessories.
dog accessoriesDog collar is a basic and essential accessory and they are designed according to the type of dog. But collars can be very trendy. They can be made from various materials such as leather, metal, plastic or even nylon. Important thing to mention is that many of new trendy dog collars are washable. At the market you can find unique dog collars which can bring out the personality of your pooch.

Dog clothes can be really beautiful and, at the same time, extremely practical. A wide variety of dog clothes are available in every better pet shop. A wide range of dog clothes goes from various costumes to lovely sweaters which come in handy during the long and freezing winters. Don’t expose your dog, especially if he has light layer of fur, to low temperatures and watch him shiver, get him a nice coat or sweater. Jackets for dogs with a waterproof outer layer can be ideal solution for long walks on rainy days. High quality dog clothes have maximum durability and allow your pet to move around easily. If you are a fashion freak, you can improve an already cute look of your dog with little socks.

Our furry friends simply love soft and cozy dog beds. Top notch dog beds have exclusive design, provide ultimate luxury and they are comfy-chic. Dog bed is a perfect place where he can relax by himself. If you have decided to buy a bed for your pup, you should also consider buying him a blanket. This fabulous accessory isn’t only for your dog, both you and your pet can enjoy warmness of the blanket and stay snuggled up under it.

Dog toys are perfect choice to keep your pet occupied and out of mischief. Best toys for dogs are those that constantly keep his mind stimulated. Brainy puzzles and other interactive dog toys are made to entertain and challenge your pet. Some of the best interactive dog toys are so interesting that many pet owners play with them. Old wise saying “A bored dog is a destructive dog” is telling us to keep our dogs busy as long as possible and that way prevent numerous behavioral problems..

Correct Way to Groom Your Dogs Coat

What is the Correct Way to Groom Your Dogs Coat?

If you don’t want to spend money on professional grooming, it’s good to learn how to do it properly at home. Although it may seem easy, grooming your dog takes time and nerves. Best way to keep your dog neat is to bathe him, clean his ears, trim his nails, brush his teeth and groom his coat on a regular basis. Many dog breeds are not thrilled when it comes to bathing. But who wants a dirty and stinky dog?
Correct Way to Groom Your Dogs CoatThe similar thing is with grooming his fur. If you own a dog with a long coat, it’s necessary to give him a haircut during hot summer days. Haircut will bring a feeling of comfort – something every dog is longing for. On the other hand, if your dog has very short hair, the scissors and other haircut tools are not a must. Remember, you don’t groom your dog just to improve his looks. By doing this, you’ll make his coat shiny which means you’ll spend less time cleaning and vacuuming the house.

For the start, you have to know which tools to use. You’ll probably need a dog brush, comb, dog grooming scissors, thinning shears, electric trimming shears, dog tweezers, and dog toenail clippers. Pick a quiet spot in your house and make sure you have all the tools to get started. The first step is brushing your dog. Brush down the neck toward his belly and tail. Be very thorough. If your dog is calm and stands still during the brushing, reward him for his good behavior.

Once you have finished brushing your dog’s coat, it is time for trimming. Be sure to remove the hair mats from your dog’s fur since they can cause problems during bathing. It is interesting that preparing your dog for bathing takes more time than the bathing itself.
The health of your dog’s ears is a vital part of his overall wellbeing. So, clean the dog’s outer ears with a cotton ball soaked into a pet ear cleaner. By removing the dirt and earwax from your dog’s ears, you are minimizing the chances for an infection.

Proper dental care will protect your dog’s teeth from decay, malocclusion and gum disease. Prevention is the key to health, so brush your dog’s teeth to keep them strong and clean. They should be brushed at least two or three times a week with a toothbrush and canine toothpaste. It’s a good idea to start taking care of oral hygiene in your pet from his puppyhood, so that he can get used to the procedure.

Avoid enormous claws by clipping your dog’s nails with a nail clipper or grinder. Don’t use human shampoo on your pet because it can cause skin irritation and hair loss. There are special dog shampoos on the market, adapted to suit your pet’s skin. Don’t forget to wash out and dry your long haired baby the best you can. With a proper care and grooming, your dog will stay healthy and clean for a long time..