how to bath your dog

The Psychology Study of Successful Dog Bathing

How to bathe your dog? Sounds very simple but sometimes bathing doesn’t go the way you intended, especially if you’re bathing the dog for the first time. However, some little and practical things can be of great help.

Before bathing, place a blanket or some rag on the floor, you’ll prevent the water and hair getting on the carpet. Have everything you need – two towels, a shampoo and a conditioner – near the tub or shower. When it comes to bathing a puppy for the first time, put some of his toys in the tub, make it a game for him.

If your dog’s hair is all tangled up, it will be even harder to untangle it after the bath, so do it before.
dog bathingSome dogs get really scared when you put them in a tub full of water; they jump, slip, shake and look all together miserable and sad. During the bath you might even get wetter than your dog and you’ll spend most of the time trying to keep the dog in the tub. Instead of immersing the dog into water, it is much easier to give him a shower. The dog will feel safer if he’s standing firmly in the tub and you won’t be as wet. It is much easier to shampoo and rinse with a shower.

Before you start with bathing it is recommended to put a rubber mat in the tub, or at least a towel so that the dog doesn’t slip. Some people prefer drenching their dog in the yard using a hose and a bucket, but this is recommended only if it’s a warm and sunny day.
It is recommended to wash the dog’s head and snout with a sponge or a towel. Beside the fact that this is more comfortable for the dog than having water poured over the snout, you won’t get the inside of the ear too wet.

Ideally, wash the dog with a pet shampoo customized for his hair type. However, if you’re not currently able to obtain such shampoo, use that intended for babies. If your dog has long hair add some conditioner, that will help you comb his fur more easily.

After shampooing, it’s necessary to rinse and then rinse some more. Any shampoo residue will cause itching. Pay special attention not to get the shampoo in your pet’s eyes or snout. When you least expect it, your completely wet dog will shake and spray the entire bathroom, and you won’t be spared. To dry the dog and avoid wet-dog shake, place one corner of the towel over its head and use the other side to wipe him.

After you’ve dried him the best you could, put him on the blanket. Although he will try to get away and wipe himself on something, hold him gently, dry completely with a blow-dryer or towels and enjoy! You pet is gorgeously clean and ready to get dirty again.

Vinnie Jones Pet - Jack Russell Terrier 3

Jack Russell Terrier Owned by Vinnie Jones: Celebrity Pet of the Week

This week we will feature Vinnie Jones with his cute dog pet, Jack Russell Terrier. Vinnie Jones Pet - Jack Russell Terrier 2

Vincent Peter “Vinnie” Jones (born 5 January 1965) is a British actor and former professional footballer. He has capitalised on his tough man image as a footballer and is known as an actor for his aggressive style and intimidating demeanour, often being typecast into roles as coaches, hooligans and violent criminals.

There was a story about Vinnie Jones being saved by his dog. It was said that Vinnie Jones was once so depressed, he planned to shoot himself – but his dog saved him from pulling the trigger. The soccer star-turned-actor battled a spell of depression more than 10 years ago and decided to end his life in woodland near his home in the U.K. But his pet Jack Russell terrier followed him – and Jones abandoned his suicide mission when he caught sight of the dog’s pleading look. He says, “I was tired of causing people stress… It was a cheap way out. But I did think everyone would be better off if I was out of the way and I stopped causing them trouble.”

This week we will check Vinnie Jones with his Jack Russell Terrier friend.

Jack Russell Terrier Owned by Billie Piper: Celebrity Pet of the Week

Everybody wants to know the breed of Billlie Piper’s Dog. This week, we are featuring Billie Pipers with her dog, Jack Russell Terrier.

Billie Piper owns a Dog Jack Russell Terrier

Who is she? Her birth name is Lianne Paul Piper. Lianne Paul Piper was born in Swindon, Wiltshire, England. On 22 September 1983, her name was officially changed to Billie Paul Piper, by her parents, Paul Victor Piper and Mandy Kane Kent. Piper has one younger brother, Charley, and two younger sisters, Harley and Elle. Her most famous role is as Rose Tyler, companion to the Doctor, in the television series Doctor Who from 2005 to 2006, a role she reprised in 2008 and 2010. In 2007, Broadcast magazine listed Piper at no. 6 in its “Hot 100” list of influential on-screen performers, the top woman on the list. From 2007 until 2011, she starred as the high-flying escort Belle de Jour in the TV series Secret Diary of a Call Girl. Source: Wikipidia.

Check out her Billie Piper with her dog, Jack Russell Terrier.

Some Ideas for Naming Your Dog

Some Ideas for Naming Your Dog

Some dog owners rack their brains out trying to name their dog, sometimes they even think more about dog’s name than the name of their child.

One of the best ways to find that perfect name is to think about your dog’s character, it will often give you some ideas for the name. If that doesn’t help, maybe there is a trick your dog can do which you can use to find him a name. Keep the name short, it will be easier for the dog to remember and understand it.

Some Ideas for Naming Your DogDogs are vocal and not verbal animals. To them it is important how the word sounds, which is something you have to keep in mind while naming them.

It is best to let your dog choose its own name. There are two ways to do this. First, spend some time with him so you can get to know him and his nature, character and choose appropriate name accordingly.

For instance, when a friend of mine got his husky mongrel he was all over the place! Not only he would jump all over him but he also used to pin him against the wall and get things out of his pockets, so he was always joking “I’m being mugged” thus he named it Mugger. A colleague of mine had a very spirited and playful little rascal who never gave her any time off so she named it Chaos.

Let your dog earn its name.

One way is to put together a list of your favorite names and try them out on your dog with a playful and cheerful voice. The name which your dog best reacts to is the name for him. And believe me, he will react differently to various names. Try it and you’ll see!

On the contrary to what people think, a dog’s name should be changed with the owner. It is considered that once dog gets used to its name it shouldn’t be changed. Wrong! Many dog owners make the mistake of using a dog’s name with contempt or as a warning, so if you keep that name dog will see you as one of them, previous owners. Therefore, if the dog is yours now, you can’t assume that the previous owner did everything right. If he had, you probably wouldn’t have to dog now. You’re trying to tell dog new house new rules, right? So, say it with a new name, especially if the old one was used with a negative connotation.

Teach him the new name while enjoying nice things like treats, meals, cuddling or playing, and don’t choose a name that sounds like the previous one.

If this doesn’t work for you, you simply can’t get any ideas; pick up a dictionary of native or foreign names, maybe even some mythology books and try finding or combining something that works for you and especially for your dog. Remember – it’s not just about what you like and what sounds good to you but what the dog likes best.