English Bulldog Owned by Marie Osmond: Celebrity Pet of the Week

English Bulldog Owned by Marie Osmond Celebrity Pet of the Week 5Our celebrity with pet this week is Marie Osmond. Marie adopted a dog and he named it George.

Who is Marie Osmond? Olive Marie Osmond (born October 13, 1959) is an American singer, actress, doll designer, and a member of the show business family The Osmonds. Although she was never part of her family’s singing group, she gained success as a solo country music artist in the 1970s and 1980s. Her best known song is a cover of the country pop ballad “Paper Roses.” From 1976 to 1979, she and her singer brother Donny Osmond hosted the TV variety show Donny & Marie.

So, Marie Osmond adopted a puppy named George at a charitable fashion show in April, and writes glowingly about the dog in a diary for Prevention Magazine’s September issue, on newsstands July 31. As soon as Marie saw her new pup, she had to scoop him up! Naming him George after her late father, Marie was part of an event that raised $700K the Washington Humane Society!

Some fan asked her about the origin or the breed of the dog and this is what she says: “We were told he’s a mix of German shepherd and English bulldog, but he’s more a mix of dancing elephant and a cupcake-fueled 4-year-old.”

Looks like my kids are getting a new best friend from the Washington DC Humane Society. It’s George!! Cute, right? – One of Marie’s tweets.

Some Helpful Tips for Untrainable Dog Syndrome

Dogs whose behavior cause trouble to the owner, environment, as well as the dog, endanger health and safety have the so called “untrainable dog syndrome”. It is important to note that there is a difference between teaching the dog certain behavior and solving problematic manners.

Troubling behavior may occur as a result of the emotional state of the dog, high stress levels, unfavorable effect of the environment where the dog resides, training the dog with the use of force, pain or any other health disorder. Untrainable dog syndrome requires full attention and individual approach of the both dog owner and the dog.

Untrainable Dog

Professional help in solving the problematic manners is intended for owners whose dogs exhibit behaviors such as aggressiveness, fright, sensitivity to stimuli, frequent barking, destructive behavior, going to bathroom indoors, hyperactivity, excitement and euphoria tendency, frequent licking or biting of body parts, running after everything that moves such as cyclists and joggers. This sort of behavior may cause you to lose your temper, start acting toughly and have less patience than usually, so a few tips may help you and your dog see eye to eye.

Monitor your dog; keep a diary of his behavior, the way he acts in certain situations. Try isolating the one thing that bothers you the most and see if you can recall the cause and the time it started. Maybe it was something that has developed gradually over time.

Just like with your dog, keep a diary of your behavior for a week. Write down how you react when your dog acts problematically, whether you scream at him or you do nothing at all as you think nothing can be done. Do you ever lock him up somewhere as a punishment? Do you allow your feelings to take over? If you punish him or yell you will only frighten the dog and destroy the bond between you, but on the other side if you do nothing you encourage his behavior.

After you realize what bothers you the most and learn how to react you can make some changes.

Start by acting differently. Stop his bad behavior immediately; you might put him on the leash even if he is inside the house, and keep him close to monitor him.

Shouting and screaming never works, so go to him and speak peacefully, lovingly and quietly, tell him things will improve for both of you very soon. Hug him, make him calm down.

Try these tricks for a week and see if things change. Ask yourself whether the unwanted behavior manifests as often as before and to what extent? Is it as grave as it used to be and how does it affect you, are you still as upset as you were a week ago? Also keep an eye out for the things that have improved – your relationship and his behavior.

Remember that untrainable dog syndrome grows over time so the correction won’t be easy and quick, but if you change your ways the dog will as well. Just have enough patience and be determined.

Rat Terrier Owned by Carrie Underwood: Celebrity Pet of the Week

Who is Carrie Underwood. Carrie Marie Underwood (born March 10, 1983) is an American country music singer, songwriter, and actress. She rose to fame as the winner of the fourth season of American Idol in 2005. Underwood has since become a multi-platinum selling recording artist, a winner of six Grammy Awards, sixteen Billboard Music Awards, seven American Music Awards and ten Academy of Country Music Awards, among several others.

 Rat Terrier Owned by Carrie Underwood: Celebrity Pet of the Week

Carrie Underwood is known for being an animal lover. Recently she sat down with Modern Dog Magazine for an exclusive interview…and a few precious pictures with her pups Ace and Penny! Carrie shared about her passion for adopting shelter dogs, her time on “American Idol” and about what led her to become a vegan.

Carrie Underwood is a serious animal lover, rivaling only her fellow country blonde Miranda Lambert in terms of her dedication to and passion for four-legged creatures. The ‘Two Black Cadillacs’ singer shared an update on her pup Penny, who suffered an allergic reaction after eating ants.

Carrie Underwood has two dogs named Ace and Penny. She talks about him all the time and calls him the “love of her life”. Carrie still has her rat terrier and now Carrie recently got another dog.