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8 of Our Favorite Couch Potato Dog Breeds

It is a common knowledge that regular exercise is good for both dogs’ and people’s health. However, the amount of a workout one truly desires can vary as greatly between dog breeds as it does among individual humans. Therefore, finding a pet whose energy level is compatible with your own can be the difference between a […]

Formidable Guard with a Devoted Heart – Is the Rottweiler Right For You?

Descended from Roman guardian breeds, it is no surprise that the modern Rottweiler makes an effective police dog in various countries throughout the world. However, these dogs continue to be among the most popular canine breeds currently recognized by the American Kennel Club and they remain popular as family pets. If you are thinking of getting […]

The Best Dog Breeds for Apartment Living

Many prospective dog owners don’t have the large country estates that many breeds seem to favour. However, the lack of square footage is not necessarily a deterrent to having a pet. There are quite a number of breeds that will get along perfectly fine in an apartment. In fact, here are some of the best […]

Best Affordable Dog Toys For Strong Chewers

Whether your dog is a pit bull puppy that simply must have massive toys due to his size or a sweet little sheltie that shreds toys in five seconds flat and looks as befuddled as you do when they fall apart, you’re clearly dealing with a strong chewer. It doesn’t matter what size a dog […]