A Diminutive Beauty – Is the Yorkshire Terrier Right for You?

Who wouldn’t fall in love with this frisky, lively, bright and loving diminutive beauty. A lover of comfort, the Yorkshire Terrier enjoys cuddling on laps and snuggling into soft pillows. They are commonly called excellent companion dogs, well-known for their small size and perky personalities.

If you are one of those who can’t resist this little bundle of fur and are planning to get one, it is important to know the breed completely before jumping in.

There are two kinds of Yorkie, one that is vigorous and another that is a delicate toy dog. However, the relationship an owner has with an individual dog will depends a lot on the way he or she views him.

Yorkshire Terrier, a BrightActive and FriskyAthletic and Loving dog breed. Find out if this is the right breed for you.

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Couch Potato Dog Breeds

8 of Our Favorite Couch Potato Dog Breeds

It is a common knowledge that regular exercise is good for both dogs’ and people’s health. However, the amount of a workout one truly desires can vary as greatly between dog breeds as it does among individual humans.

Therefore, finding a pet whose energy level is compatible with your own can be the difference between a good relationship and one that quickly sours.

For those folks seeking a pet with low exercise requirements, the list below might be of help.

Read about our 8 favourite couch potato dog breeds:

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The Top Tail Wagger – Cavalier King Charles Spaniel was Born to be Friendly

These friendly little lap dogs were once pampered royal pets, yet they are anything but snobs. Gregarious and lovable, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels just want to spend time having fun with their families. These energetic dogs are exceptionally well suited for apartment life and active families with older child.

You could sum up the Cavalier King Charles Spaniels with these five words: Playful, Adaptable, Fearless, Patient & Affectionate.

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Formidable Guard with a Devoted Heart – Is the Rottweiler Right For You?

Descended from Roman guardian breeds, it is no surprise that the modern Rottweiler makes an effective police dog in various countries throughout the world. However, these dogs continue to be among the most popular canine breeds currently recognized by the American Kennel Club and they remain popular as family pets.


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The Best Dog Breeds for Apartment Living

Many prospective dog owners don’t have the large country estates that many breeds seem to favour. However, the lack of square footage is not necessarily a deterrent to having a pet. There are quite a number of breeds that will get along perfectly fine in an apartment.

In fact, here are some of the best dog varieties for apartments. The breeds listed below tend to be quiet dogs that behave in a friendly fashion towards unfamiliar people, but their other characteristic are as varied as their physical appearances.

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Energetic Athletes with Big Hearts – Is the American Pit Bull Right For You?

If you are considering getting an American Pit Bull there are several questions that need to be considered.

  1. Do you have time to devote to properly training these dogs and extra money for obedience classes?
  2. If your pet is not welcome in a residential area would you look elsewhere for a place to live?
  3. Can you spend twelve or more years of your life looking after an adorable puppy that is going to grow up to be rather large?
  4. Do you want to play? Preferably a lot, such as every single day of the week and extra on the weekends?

If you can answer yes to all previous questions then this breed might be right for you. There are a great many hurdles Pit Bull owners face on a regular basis and these dogs are certainly not for everyone, but they can nonetheless be great companions.

America Pit Bulls can best be summed up in the following three words:

  • Energetic
  • Friendly
  • Hardworking

Lets jump into each characteristics in a little more detail after the break:

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Dachshund in the sunshine

Little Hotdogs with Big Attitude – Is the Dachshund Right for You?

So you’re thinking about getting a dachshund – well you might want to ask yourself the following two questions first:

1. Do you have a pronounced affinity for small, brave creatures with Napoleon complexes?

2. Do you have food that you are willing to share?

If the answer to both these questions is yes, then a dachshund may be right for you! There may very well be a lot more that goes into raising this popular breed but those are the two most salient points.

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Border Collie Herding Sheep

The Workaholic of the Dog World – Is the Border Collie Right for You?

So you are thinking of getting a Border Collie. The answer can probably be summed up in one question.

Do you have an endless well of energy?

The Border Collie is definitely a great match for someone who is willing to be as active as they are. Are you interested in putting in the training and willing to get involved in activities including tracking, dog sports, obedience training, flying disc and others that involve agility and co-ordination.

Then the Border Collie might be for you! Read on after the break.

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