Herding Dog Breeds – Livestock Controllers

Herding dogs, also known as a stock dog or working dog, were developed to control large flocks of sheep or herds of cattle. Herding dog breeds are not like the livestock guardians that simply stand sentry, rather they actively round up cattle and sheep with frantic running, eye contact and aggressive barking.

Herding Dogs are very protective of their owners and property and make excellent watchdogs.  They are energetic, smart, and serious. They are also know for being so intelligent as the German Shepherd becomes most famous for its police work. Border collies, arguably are the most intelligent of all breeds.

Although most of them are now mostly family pets and are never exposed to any livestock, the instinct to herd in some of them can still be strong.

These dog breeds require owners who are skilled at training and willing to give them something to do that rewards their instincts.

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